Is My Car Totaled if the Airbag Deploys?

Once an airbag has deployed, it is finished for good. It cannot be sewn, seared, cinched, or repaired in anyway. It would be like trying to re-light a match once its flame has been ignited and blown out. It is simply not possible, legal, nor safe. But this does not mean the vehicle is finished too.

Continue reading to learn why deployed airbag doesn’t always mean a vehicle is totaled, and when it does.

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Airbag System Basics

An airbag system is one of the most vital parts of any car, truck, or vehicle. It is a single-use, one-time only, safety mechanism designed to provide a soft cushion in order to prevent subsequent ejection, serious injuries, and death during a car accident. An airbag-equipped vehicle has small electronics that work for the airbag system called crash sensors that “sense” when an accident or collision has occurred.

Once a vehicle’s crash sensors have detected stimuli that suggests an accident has happened, they send a message to the airbag control unit, which then sends a message to the inflator; then the bags fill with air and deploy instantly. Stimuli that crash sensors respond to include sudden stopping, pressure increases, significant impacts, and more. A small chemical charge causes a tiny explosion that causes the airbag to fill and deploy, and deploy as fast as it does. This is the main reason why they cannot be reused once they have deployed.

Average Cost of Airbag Replacement

Although airbags are not a full-proof or guaranteed method to saving lives in car accidents, they significantly increase the level of safety and security for passengers and driver’s alike. Air bags can cost anywhere from $250 to $1,000 or more, depending on the supplier, the make and model vehicle, and the type of airbag. Many junk car lots and auto salvage companies purchase and sell UNUSED airbags that have never been deployed for a fraction of the market or dealership costs; however, it is recommended by automotive specialists to purchase the proper airbag from a certified dealership for optimal safety and assurance.

A vehicle is not always totaled if the airbags have deployed. A vehicle usually has to be damaged more than 75% in order for it to be totaled. If you own a vehicle that is only worth a few thousand dollars, and the airbags deploy, this will most likely total your vehicle. On the other hand, if you drive a new car or truck, and the exterior damage is minimal, you may not have a totaled vehicle. It simply all depends on the details folks!

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