Tips on How to Store a Car Long Term

There are many reasons why you might be preparing to put a vehicle in storage long term. Perhaps you have to get rid of an old classic car that is taking up too much space in your small garage; or maybe your son has gone off to college and has no use for his truck on campus. Possibly, you’ve just wrecked your vehicle and cannot afford to repair it at the moment. In all scenarios of storing a car long term, it is important to know a few things for the best outcome.

Continue reading to learn some long term car storage advice, and an alternative option to storing a car that will actually put cash in your wallet!

Long Term Car Storage 101

Car Storage Tips for Long Term

Wash It

Although it may seem arbitrary since your car will just be accumulating dust in storage, it is recommended to give your car a good wash and detail before storing it away, long term. Clean the outside and the inside, as if you were preparing to sell it to a potential buyer. The cleaner your car is, the better it will hold up in storage. Go above and beyond by giving your car a good, wax too!

Use a Car Cover

One of the easiest precautions you can take to protect your vehicle while it’s in storage is to keep it covered. Purchase a top-quality weatherproof car cover, preferably one designed for automobiles, and use stones or bricks to secure the tarp to the ground. You can also use painters’ tarp, or even old bed sheets. But the best-performing car covers are those that are designed for vehicles. You will need to match your vehicle type and size when buying a car tarp. Look at your local auto parts store, department store, or online retailer.

Get an Oil Change

Although you might think you should remove fluids from a vehicle before storing it, you should not, especially the motor oil. In fact, it should be changed before your store a car away for a period longer than a month. It is suggested by many automotive manufacturers that old motor oil contains contaminants that can actually damage a car engine. So, changing the oil will ensure that all internal engine parts remain protected against corrosion and damage.

Fill Up the Gas Tank

Just like motor oil, it is important to ensure that your car is freshly filled with gasoline before storing it. A full tank of gas will ensure that moisture does not get inside the fuel tank and that the seals do not dry out and corrode. It is also recommended to use a fuel stabilizer, especially if you are storing a car for longer than 30 days. Fuel stabilizers prevent ethanol buildup, plus abate varnishing and rusting within the engine.

Additional Car Storage Tips to Know:

🚘 Park on a Flat Surface
🚘 Don’t Put the Parking Brake On
🚘 Charge the Car Battery Up
🚘 Keep Your Car Insurance Active
🚘 Mitigate Wildlife Tampering

Do you have a wrecked, old, totaled, or junk car that you plan to put into storage? Why not sell it for cash on the spot instead? Contact GC’s Junk Cars at 502-804-5605 to sell a junk car in Louisville, Kentucky for an instant cash payout. We provide free junk car removal!

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