Top 2 Ways to Remove Rust on Cars

Since the invention of the combustion engine, rust has remained a number one enemy to all motorized vehicles, or anything metal for that matter. If rust development is taking over your car or truck, it is wise to act now before irreversible damage is done. Not only can rust formation negatively impact the aesthetic value of a vehicle, such as the paint and exterior features, but it can also spread to the internal components of the vehicle, including the gears and motor. For these reasons and more, rust is not something you want amassing on your vehicle.

Continue reading to learn the top two ways to remove rust on cars, as well as what to do if your car is too far rested for repair.

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Louisville KY Junk Car Company 502-804-5605

Facts About Rust

You can better protect your vehicle from rust formation if you know a little bit more about rust in general. Rust is the result of exposed steel and iron combining with the oxygen and moisture in the air. Also known as oxidation, rust formation is highly damaging to metal. Over time, it can weaken metal and devalue its properties.

Rust Removal for Cars

Before getting started on your rust removal project, it is important to understand that the process is tedious and may require, depending on which option you choose, previous experience working with power tools and abrasives. The more damage your vehicle is with rust, the more invasive and complicated the project will be to remove it all. Keep these considerations in mind before attempting a rust removal job yourself. There are professionals you can hire to do it for you if you are not up for the job.

Two Ways to Remove Rust on Cars

The top two ways to remove rust on cars include using a rust remover product or a manual metal grinder. If you do not have previous experience working with electric-powered sanding tools, such as metal grinders and orbital belt sanders, it is not recommended to choose the metal grinding option.

1) Rust Remover Solution

You can purchase a variety of rust removal solutions and products at any local convenience store, department store, home improvement store, hardware store, or online retailer of sorts. You can expect to pay anywhere between $15 and $25 for a quality product, but you may be able to find smaller quantities at lower prices if you have just little rust remover on your car.

Using a rust removal solution will require you to have additional supplies, including 80 to 150 grit sandpaper, car-safe rags, and clean water for rinsing. Before applying your rust remover, you will need to sand down the affected areas on your vehicle. This will create a lot of floating debris, so be sure you take this into consideration prior to getting started.

2) Metal Grinding

It cannot be emphasized enough that it is necessary to have previous experience working in a metal grinding machine or tool before attempting it to remove the rust in your vehicle. If you do not already have a metal grinder, you can purchase one any local home improvement hardware store for hundred dollars or so. This option is mostly recommended for large rust removal needs. You will need to work the metal grinder layer by layer to remove small deposits of rust time. Then you finish the job by sanding down the treated areas with sandpaper.

Regardless of which option you choose, you will need to complete the job with body filler, primer, and exterior car paint. Again, it is recommended to have this done by professional if you are not up for the job.

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