Why Vehicle Weight Matters When Selling a Junk Car

There is a lot more involved to selling a junk car then handing it off to a buyer. Not only do you want to choose the right junk car buyer to do business with, but you also want to prepare yourself for what to expect in terms of an offer. This way, you can get the maximum payout for your junk car and feel good about your sale. Aside from choosing the best cash for cars company to sell your junk car to, the most important and impactful factor that will determine how much you get paid is your vehicle’s weight.

Continue reading to learn why, and where to get the highest offer for junk cars in Louisville, Kentucky.

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Junk Car Weight

Your junk car is full of recyclable metals, plastics, and rubber, which is why a Louisville Cash for Cars Company will buy it from you, promptly. However, it is all the metal inside your junk car that will have the most impact on the ultimate offer and payout you receive. You see, scrap metal is 100% recyclable, and therefore, all scrapped metal is repurposed all across the world in an array of industries. This enterprise is important to our planet, as well as our local economies.

Essentially, the more scrap metal in your car, the more your car weighs, which will make you more money. For instance, a F-150 truck with all its parts will weigh more than a Chevrolet Spark, and therefore, be more valuable at a local auto salvage lot in Louisville, KY. Most of the metal derived from a junk car is steel, but also iron, copper, and more. Your junk car value will vary depending on the weight of the metal and the current market prices for scrap metal.

More Junk Car Selling Advice

Some will try to convince you that if you dismantle your junk car and sell it piece by piece, you’ll stand to make a much higher profit. But the truth is, you might open up a can of worms you weren’t expecting. Not only would you need to know how to dismantle a car, or pay a mechanic to dismantle it for you, but you would also have to have room to store all the parts and pieces, plus find a load of buyers.

Basically, the hassle of what you would have to do to sell a car piece by piece is not worth it. If you find the right junk car buyers in Louisville, you won’t have to worry about making less than what your car is worth, including all the parts and pieces inside. The average junk car is worth between $200 and $400 or so, depending on all the above factors and your location. But some junk cars can earn you up to $1,000 or more if they are new, still operational, and contain a lot of scrap metal.

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Louisville Junk Car Buyers 502-804-5605
Louisville Junk Car Buyers 502-804-5605

Does Junk Car Weight Determine Scrap Value?

When it makes more financial sense to haul your vehicle to the scrap yard rather than the auto repair shop, your vehicle has come to the end of its life, which means you now have a junk car on your hands. In this case, you would be wise to sell it to a local junk car buyer for an instant profit. Right now, scrap metal is a booming enterprise, as it helps to reduce our need to mine for new ores, thus preserving Earth’s natural resources and reducing harmful factory emissions produced by the metal refining process. This means that auto salvagers are eager to take junk cars and any other type of motorized bulk scrap off the hands of consumers.

So how much are junk car buyers willing to pay for such scrap? Then answer is not clear-cut. There are various factors that influence the total profit you can make from selling a junk car, one of which is weight. Continue below to learn how weight can affect your junk car quote, and who to trust for the highest payouts in Louisville.

Louisville Junk Car Buyers 502-804-5605
Louisville Junk Car Buyers 502-804-5605

Junk Car Worth

The total worth of a junk car will vary greatly among consumers, and also among buyers. Buyers can vary since some are really inexperienced and small, while some are more established and retain better technologies and resources to develop accurate estimates. Junk cars will vary in value because no junk car is the same; they are not the same in terms of condition, age, make, and model. For this reason, one junk car might be worth more than another. Keep this in mind when having your junk car evaluated.

Junk Car Condition

The first, and most influential factors used by scrappers to determine to worth of a junk vehicle is the condition of a car. Does it have all of its parts? Does it still run? Is it a new model? These questions and more will tell a junk car buyer the current market value of the vehicle, and so will certified resources like Kelly Blue Book. Once this value is determined, a junk car buyer will factor in the vehicle’s weight.

Junk Car Weight

The second most influential factor used to determine scrap value of a junk car is the metal market. The higher in demand a metal is, the more it is worth, whether per gram, ounce, pound, or ton. In turn, this means that the total weight of a vehicle, minus the weight of non-metal components, influences its scrap metal worth. The more metal there is in a junk car, the higher its value. Reputable junk car buying companies retain advanced technologies, such as electronic bulk weight scales, ride-on weight platforms, and XRF analyzers, to properly evaluate the quantity and type of metal in a junk car.

Get an Accurate Junk Car Estimate in Louisville

Call GC’s Junk Cars at 502-804-5605 to sell your junk car in Louisville and its surrounding areas. We make the junk car selling process simple and hassle-free for our clients by offering a wide range of amenities and freebies. Not only do we eliminate the “middle-man” since you are selling directly to a scrap yard, our company has an in-house tow truck that will come straight to you and haul away your junk car at no additional charge. All you have to do is pick up the phone, contact us, and accept our offer! Most of the time, we can even do SAME DAY BUSINESS!

Louisville  Junk Car Buyers 502-804-5605
Louisville Junk Car Buyers 502-804-5605