How to Prepare Your Vehicle For Winter Weather

Seasonal car care is important for a number of reasons. First, different weather conditions can have different effects on your car. For example, extreme cold can cause the battery to lose power and oil to thicken. Second, seasonal changes can also affect the tires. In the winter, it’s important to have snow tires or all-weather tires to make sure you have good traction. In the summer, it’s important to have tires with good tread to prevent hydroplaning. Third, seasonal car care can help you save money in the long run. By keeping your car in good condition and catching small problems before they become big ones, you can avoid costly repairs down the road.

So, don’t neglect your car this season – give it the care it needs to stay running smoothly all year long! For now, scroll down and let’s talk about how you can prepare your vehicle for safe driving and optimal efficiency this winter!

Call Our Louisville Auto Salvage Yard at 502-804-5605 Today!
Call Our Louisville Auto Salvage Yard at 502-804-5605 Today!

Car Care in the Winter

If you live in an area of Indiana that got hit by all this snow, it’s important to make sure your vehicle is prepared. Here are some tips for getting your car ready for the cold:

Check your tires. Make sure they have enough tread and are properly inflated. Consider getting winter tires if you anticipate that will be driving in snowy or icy conditions.

Get your battery tested. Cold weather can put a strain on your battery, so it’s important to make sure it’s in good condition.

Fill up your windshield washer fluid. You’ll be using it more often in the winter, so it’s good to have a full reservoir.

Check your lights. Make sure all your bulbs are working and that your headlights are properly aligned.

Keep an emergency kit in your car. This should include things like a blanket, first-aid kit, snacks, and a flashlight.

By following these tips, you can help ensure that your vehicle is ready for winter weather.

How to Drive in Snowy Weather

When driving in snowy weather, be sure to take it slow and easy. Accelerate and brake gently to avoid skidding. Keep a safe distance between you and the car in front of you, and use your low beams to see better. If you get stuck in the snow, don’t panic! Try to back up slowly and use a shovel to clear snow away from the wheels.

Here are some more safe driving tips to help you stay safe on the roads:

1. Slow down and allow for extra time to reach your destination

2. Increase your following distance from the car in front of you.

3. Use low gears when going up hills to avoid slipping.

4. Be extra cautious when making turns, and avoid sudden stops or starts.

5. Watch out for pedestrians, who may be more difficult to see in the snow.

By following these simple tips, you can help make sure everyone stays safe on the roads this winter.

Did you total your car in a snow-related auto accident? If so, up-cycle it to a local auto recycling center and get paid cash on the spot! Contact GC’s Junk Cars at 502-804-5605 to sell your wrecked car in Louisville, Kentucky for instant cash payment. We also provide free junk car removal!

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What Happens to a Junk Car After it is Sold to a Salvage Yard?

What happens to a junk car after it is sold to a scrapyard in Louisville? The answer is really exiting! Not only are you making fast cash by selling your car for recycling, but you are contributing to one of the most important global environmental initiatives: preserving our natural resources and boosting our economies!

Continue reading to learn the basic process of automotive recycling, plus where to take your junk car for the highest payout in Louisville!

Need Louisville Auto Salvage? Call 502-804-5605 Now!
Need Louisville Auto Salvage? Call 502-804-5605 Now!

Louisville Junk Car Selling Process

Most people don’t know what to do with their old, run-down cars. They might try to trade them in when they buy a new one, but usually that doesn’t work out too well. The dealership offers them way less than the car is actually worth, and then they’re left trying to figure out what to do next. That’s where we come in!

Here at GC’s Junk Cars, we are a licensed Louisville junk car buying company that operates throughout the state of Kentucky. We’ll come to you, pick up your car, and pay you cash on the spot! It’s a pretty simple process, and it’s one that we’re happy to walk you through step by step.

The first thing you need to do is give us a call. We’ll ask you a few questions about your car, such as its make, model, and year. We’ll also need to know where the car is located. Once we have that information, we’ll be able to give you a quote. If you’re happy with the quote, we’ll send a tow truck to your location to pick up the car. We’ll handle all of the paperwork and will even give you a ride to wherever you need to go.

And that’s it! You’ll have cash in hand and will be rid of that old clunker. So, if you’re looking to sell your junk car, give us a call. We’re always happy to help out! Wonder what happens after we buy your junk car? We are happy to explain, as we are proud to be an environmentally conscious and responsible auto salvage yard here in Kentucky. We operate within all local and state laws that govern auto recycling, plus we adhere to all Federal and EPA regulations and industry best practices for junk car scrapping.

Kentucky Auto Recycling Process

Junk cars are sold to our Kentucky scrapyard every day. But what happens to them after that? Most people assume that the car is just shredded and recycled, but there’s actually a lot more that goes into it. First, our scrapyard will inspect the car to see if there are any parts that can be salvaged and sold separately. This includes the engine, transmission, and other major components. If any of these parts are in good condition, they will be removed and sold individually.

Once all the salvageable parts have been removed, GC’s Junk Cars will then begin the process of shredding the car. This is done for the sake of reducing the size of the car so that it can be more easily recycled. The shredded car will then be sold to a metal recycling facility where it will be melted down and turned into new steel products. So, that’s what happens to a junk car after it’s sold to a scrapyard. It’s actually a pretty interesting process!

Are you ready to make fast cash by selling your junk car in Kentucky to our trusted Louisville auto scrappers? If so, contact GC’s Junk Cars at 502-804-5605 to sell your totaled car in Louisville Kentucky for cash on the spot. We provide free junk car removal too!

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Will a Scrapyard Buy My Junk Car Without a Title?

It is a fact that selling a junk car with a title makes the process much easier. But many of us are not great at record-keeping or keeping track of important documents altogether. So, it is common for car owners to lose or misplace car titles. Come time to sell a junk car, not being able to find the title can send you into panic mode. But don’t worry; there may be a viable recourse in this situation.

Continue reading to learn why scrapyards in Kentucky will not buy a junk car or catalytic converter without a valid title, plus what you can do to replace a lost, damaged, or stolen car title.

Sell a Junk Car in Louisville Kentucky 502-804-5605
Sell a Junk Car in Louisville Kentucky 502-804-5605

It is Possible to Sell a Junk Car Without a Title

Are you asking yourself, “Who buys cars without a title near me?” If so, you are not alone. And unfortunately, the answer to your logical question is, “No.” Most scrapyards and cash for cars companies in Louisville, Kentucky will not and legally cannot purchase scrap vehicles without a legal transfer of title. But there is good news. You could get another title if yours got lost or stolen. Whether you inherited your Great uncle’s estate and found a rusty, old 1955 Chevy Bel Air, or you are finally ready to fold on that car restoration project you’ve been at for years, a missing car title is something you should be able to replace.

Alternative Forms of Proof of Ownership for a Junk Car

Although most states do require car owners to have a valid car title for a vehicle they wish to sell privately, some states have laws that allow alternative forms of ownership for junked vehicles that aren’t being re-titled and resold, such as a car’s registration, insurance policy, or mechanic’s lien. When selling a junked car to a buyer in Kentucky, a title is necessary for proof of ownership.

Aside from a car title for proof of ownership, you will also need valid identification, like a drivers’ license, state I.D. card, passport, or similar officiated documentation. After all, you have to prove you are you! Accepted forms of proof of ownership is at the discretion of the buyer, but most scrapyards are pretty lenient. So long as you can prove through state or federal identification that you are who you say you are, and your name matches the lawful owner of the junk vehicle you wish to sell, you can sell it to a junk car buyer in Louisville.

Replace a Car Title

If you are ready to sell a junk car but cannot find the title, contact the BMV for instructions on how to replace a lost or stolen car title. If your car has a lien against it, or a debt, it is still owned by the bank, in which case they should have the car title in their possession. You can call them to find out.

Are you looking for the best cash for cars company to pay you the most for your junk car? If so, contact GC’s Junk Cars at 502-804-5605 to sell your totaled car in Louisville Kentucky for cash on the spot. We provide free junk removal too!

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What it Means When the Check Engine Light Comes On

Uh oh. The one light on your dashboard you don’t want to see come on just did. What does it mean when your Check Engine Light lights up? Well, the answer isn’t always so clear. Continue below to learn some top reasons why Check Engine Lights come on, plus what you should do now that yours is illuminated.

Sell Junk Car Near Me Louisville KY 502-804-5605
Sell a Junk Car in Louisville 502-804-5605

Check Engine Light Basics

Also known as a Malfunctioning Indicator Lamp (MIL), the Check Engine Light is designed to do just that: indicate when there is a malfunction occurring within one of the systems in your vehicle. Is your Check Engine Light solid or flashing? In most cases, this light will illuminate in a solid orange, yellow, or amber color. If the Check Engine Light is flashing, it is typically indicative of a more serious automotive malfunction or breakdown.

Common Causes of an Illuminated Check Engine Light

In most cases, a Check Engine Light will come on because the gas cap is loose or needs replaced. So, always check this first before moving forward with diagnosing and illuminated Check Engine Light. In moderate cases, the Check Engine Light will illuminate if one of the vehicle’s internal systems is experiencing a malfunction or decline in performance. In serious cases, a Check Engine Light can come on as a result of misfiring, an overheating catalytic converter, or an internal fire hazard. In these occurrences, the MIL will generally present itself in flashing form. In rare cases, the MIL will illuminate for no reason at all.

One of top reasons why Check Engine Lights come on is because a part needs to be replaced, such as:

↔ Mass Airflow Sensor
↔ O2 Sensors
↔ Catalytic Converter
↔ Ignition Coils
↔ Spark Plugs
↔ Fuel Injectors
↔ Thermostat
↔ Evaporative Emissions (EVAP) Purge Control Valve
↔ Evaporative Emissions (EVAP) Purge Solenoid

How to Diagnose a Check Engine Light

There are two ways you can go about diagnosing the reason why your vehicle’s Check Engine Light came on. You can take your car into a local auto shop and have a mechanic diagnose the issue using an industry specific code reader. You can also choose to purchase your own code reader and perform diagnostics yourself. You can expect a mechanic to charge you anywhere from $75 dollars to $120 for Check Engine Light diagnostic service.

Over-the-counter code readers drastically range in price, anywhere between $25 and $800, so you have quite the selection to choose from. The pricier the device, the more accurate the readings are likely to be. Also, the more expensive code readers typically offer additional features separate from Check Engine Light diagnostics. This is why they cost more. The cheaper code readers may not provide the most accurate diagnostics, which may require you to take it in for professional service in the end. So, he was when making your purchase selection. If you are going to perform your own Check Engine Light diagnostics.

Did your Check Engine Light code results reveal that your car is totally junked? If so, trade it in for cash on the spot, then place that profit towards a new car! Contact GC’s Junk Cars at 502-804-5605 to sell a junk car in Louisville, Kentucky for an instant cash payout. We provide FREE junk car removal!

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How to Junk a Car That is Registered in Another State

Are you ready to sell a junk car in Kentucky but you are concerned that you might face some challenges because it’s registered in a different state? Continue below to learn what you need to know about selling an out-of-state junk car.

Kentucky Auto Salvage Yard 502-804-5605
Kentucky Auto Salvage Yard 502-804-5605

Regulations Regarding Out-of-State Junk Car Sales

There are many reasons why a person might have an out-of-state vehicle to scrap. Someone people wreck their cars on cross-country road trips, while others relocate but never get around to updating the registration. Regardless of why you need to scrap a junk car in another state, your first step is to verify the legal documents required for the task.

Although it is not illegal to junk a car that is registered in another state, there are several regulations and requirements that must be followed. Otherwise, attempting to sell a junk car in another state would pose the same challenges as trying to sell a car without a title. There are laws in place to prevent out of state car scrapping for good reason. For example, it prevents the demolition of vehicles that are used to commit crimes.

Junk Car Selling Process for Out of State Vehicles

Before selling an out-of-state vehicle, the information for the car must be officially transferred to the current state. There are certain forms that must be filled out and submitted to make this happen. Talk to the local BMV for information on how to do this. While waiting for all paperwork to go through, you will need to have your transferred to a secure space.

Both towing and storage will be out-of-pocket expenses, and they will not come cheap. Many people choose to have their vehicles transported to a paid airport parking lot, while others rent a parking spot at a storage facility. Either way, expect to pay a lot of money.

The alternative to filing the paperwork and moving forward with the process of selling a scrap vehicle out of state is to have your junk car towed back to the state it is registered in. You can pay for a towing company to transport your car to a junkyard there, or if you are lucky, the junk car buying company might pick up the car for free. This way, you get paid for your junk car in full, rather than deducting fees for towing and storage.

Are you ready to sell a junk car in Kentucky? Contact GC’s Junk Cars at 502-804-5605 to sell your junk car for cash on the spot to a trusted Louisville junk car buyer! We offer free junk car removal in all surrounding counties.

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The Environmental Benefits of Junking Your Car

When you drive past a junkyard, you might see a bunch of old, rusted out vehicles piled up into stacks. You might think this is an eyesore or waste facility. But the truth is, auto salvage companies do a lot more to preserve and protect our environment than you think.

Continue below to learn how junk car lots are helping to save the planet and boost the economy, and how you can contribute to the initiative by junking your car in Kentucky!

Louisville Kentucky Auto Salvage Junkyard 502-804-5605
Louisville Kentucky Auto Salvage Junkyard 502-804-5605

Junk Cars Can Pollute the Environment

Litter is litter, simply put. And when a junk car is not responsibly disposed of and handled, it is considered a form of pollution. Junked cars also contain hazardous waste and chemicals that are extremely toxic to the environment and all living organisms. It is important to junk your car with a responsible auto salvage lot in Kentucky that adheres to all EPA and local regulations for auto recycling. Such companies will use industry best practices and state of the art technologies to safely strip and dismantle cars, as well as properly dispose of dangerous chemicals and responsibly reuse all recyclable materials.

Junk Car Recycling Preserves Our Natural Resources

Not only does junk car recycling preserve our natural resources, but it also reduces air pollution. You see, junk car recycling fuels the metal recycling industry. Metal recycling is one of the largest and most effective enterprises that reduce society’s need to mine for new ores. In turn, this reduces the emissions generated by the metal refining process.

Junk Car Selling Boosts the Economy

Selling a junk car to an auto salvage lot boosts the local economy in more ways than one. First, junk car lots provide jobs, which pay people who then spend their money in the local community. Additionally, junk car recycling pays out cash. You can earn a hefty profit by selling a junk car in Louisville to a professional Cash for Cars Company! This cycle of cash in and cash out is a wonderful tool to support economic wellness.

Are you looking to sell a bunch of old auto parts or an entire totaled car for cash in Kentucky? Contact GC’s Junk Cars at 502-804-5605 to speak with a trusted Louisville KY junk car buyer for details on how to get started! We offer free junk car removal and accept all old or broken auto parts!

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Louisville Junk Car Buyers 502-804-5605
Louisville Junk Car Buyers 502-804-5605

Are You Searching for an Auto Salvage Yard in Louisville, Kentucky?

Are you currently searching for an auto salvage yard in Louisville so that you can get rid of an old, junked car? If so, you are exactly where you should be! Here at GC’s Junk Cars, we are a leading Kentucky junk car buying business in the Blue Grass State, providing unrivaled customer service, free towing, and cash on the spot for every transaction!

Continue reading to learn how to sell a junk car to GC’s Junk Cars in Louisville and see for yourself why so many Kentuckians choose us for Louisville KY junk car buying services.

Auto Salvage Louisville KY 502-804-5605
Auto Salvage Louisville KY 502-804-5605

Why Sell Your Car in Louisville to Our Junk Car Lot?

GC’s Junk Cars is a local auto salvage yard in Louisville that has been recycling cars and scrap metal for years. This is the main reason why you would want to sell your car directly to us. By selling directly to the scarp yard you will get more money in your pocket since we don’t have to pay the middleman. But this is not the only reason why Louisville residents trust us for the best deals on auto recycling! We have a quality reputation for honest, fair, and prompt service; but more importantly, providing the most competitive payouts for junk cars.

Dependable and Sincere Junk Car Buyers in Kentucky

No need to deal with middlemen from national junk car buying companies or fly-by-night auto scammers from online directories. GC’s Junk Cars offers honest prices and respectful customer support, and we stand by our services 100%. We are not your typical junk car buyers; our company was built on old fashioned family values, like integrity and respect. This means you can rest assure knowing that you are dealing with true industry experts who care about you, as well as our own reputation.

Free Junk Car Disposal and Same-Day Service

We offer free junk car removal for any vehicle, regardless of size or location. Many other Louisville junk car buyers will secretly deduct a towing fee from your final offer, but we never charge for junk removal in Louisville. We will pay you cash for your vehicle and pick it up within 24 hours or less. In most cases, we can offer same-day service!

Eco-Friendly Auto Recycling Services

If you are all about protecting the environment and preserving our natural resources, then GC’s Junk Cars is your preferred auto salvage yard in Louisville, Kentucky. We will dispose of your vehicle according to all local and state EPA regulations. You can rest assured that your car will not have a negative impact on our environment.

Would you like to get started with the simplest junk car selling process in Kentucky? Contact us at 502-804-5605 to sell you junk car in Louisville, Kentucky to our trusted junk car buyers. We serve all of Louisville and its surrounding counties.

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Louisville Junk Car Buyers 502-804-5605
Louisville Junk Car Buyers 502-804-5605

Sell Now if You Own One of These Junk Cars!

All junk cars have value, and most junk car buyers want any junked or totaled vehicle you have to sell. But, if your junk car happens to be one of the listed car brands below, you should strongly consider selling RIGHT NOW! Continue reading to learn which car brands junk car buyers are paying the most for this year and how to find a reputable Cash for Cars Company in Louisville, Kentucky.

Sell Your Old Dodge Durango in Louisville KY! 502-804-5605
Sell Your Old Dodge Durango in Louisville KY! 502-804-5605

Junk Car Value

The money you earn from selling a junk car will be different from the next guy. Junk car worth depends on several factors, namely the car’s make, model, condition, and location, but the top contributing factor is the current metal market. Years ago, when metal prices were much higher, junk cars could be sold for an upwards of $500 or more. But now, you can expect to receive anywhere from $100 to $350, depending on the above-mentioned factors, but more importantly, the professionalism of the Louisville auto salvage company you choose.

Not All Junk Cars are Wanted Alike

As mentioned, most junk car buyers in Louisville will accept any and all motorized commodity, from cars and trucks to motorized construction and farming equipment. However, junk car buyers do have their favorites, and seek them out best they can. Basically, junk car companies want certain make and model cars right now. So, if you have a junk car and it’s a make and model highly-sought after by Kentucky Cash for Cars Companies, you could have a pretty profit in your future.

Top Make and Model Vehicles Wanted By Junk Car Buyers:

⚭ Buick Lacrosse
⚭ Chevrolet Trailblazer
⚭ Dodge Durango
⚭ Ford F-150
⚭ Ford Mustang
⚭ Ford Taurus
⚭ Hyundai Accent
⚭ Honda Accord
⚭ Honda Civic
⚭ Jeep Wrangler
⚭ Jeep Grand Cherokee
⚭ Mitsubishi Galant
⚭ Toyota Camry
⚭ Toyota Corolla

What Your Junk Car Has to Offer

Junk car companies want to buy these particular make and model vehicles right now because they contain metal and car parts that can be reprocessed and refurbished into new commodities. The value of the scrap metal will largely determine the payout you receive. It is true that heavier cars tend to have more scrap metal, and therefore, sell for a higher price at auto salvage lots.

Are you looking for a trusted and reliable Cash for Cars Company to pay you the most for your junk car? Contact GC’s Junk Cars at 502-804-5605 to sell a junk car in Louisville, Kentucky for an instant cash payout. We provide free junk car removal!

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Louisville Junk Car Buyers 502-804-5605
Louisville Junk Car Buyers 502-804-5605

Tips on How to Store a Car Long Term

There are many reasons why you might be preparing to put a vehicle in storage long term. Perhaps you have to get rid of an old classic car that is taking up too much space in your small garage; or maybe your son has gone off to college and has no use for his truck on campus. Possibly, you’ve just wrecked your vehicle and cannot afford to repair it at the moment. In all scenarios of storing a car long term, it is important to know a few things for the best outcome.

Continue reading to learn some long term car storage advice, and an alternative option to storing a car that will actually put cash in your wallet!

Long Term Car Storage 101

Car Storage Tips for Long Term

Wash It

Although it may seem arbitrary since your car will just be accumulating dust in storage, it is recommended to give your car a good wash and detail before storing it away, long term. Clean the outside and the inside, as if you were preparing to sell it to a potential buyer. The cleaner your car is, the better it will hold up in storage. Go above and beyond by giving your car a good, wax too!

Use a Car Cover

One of the easiest precautions you can take to protect your vehicle while it’s in storage is to keep it covered. Purchase a top-quality weatherproof car cover, preferably one designed for automobiles, and use stones or bricks to secure the tarp to the ground. You can also use painters’ tarp, or even old bed sheets. But the best-performing car covers are those that are designed for vehicles. You will need to match your vehicle type and size when buying a car tarp. Look at your local auto parts store, department store, or online retailer.

Get an Oil Change

Although you might think you should remove fluids from a vehicle before storing it, you should not, especially the motor oil. In fact, it should be changed before your store a car away for a period longer than a month. It is suggested by many automotive manufacturers that old motor oil contains contaminants that can actually damage a car engine. So, changing the oil will ensure that all internal engine parts remain protected against corrosion and damage.

Fill Up the Gas Tank

Just like motor oil, it is important to ensure that your car is freshly filled with gasoline before storing it. A full tank of gas will ensure that moisture does not get inside the fuel tank and that the seals do not dry out and corrode. It is also recommended to use a fuel stabilizer, especially if you are storing a car for longer than 30 days. Fuel stabilizers prevent ethanol buildup, plus abate varnishing and rusting within the engine.

Additional Car Storage Tips to Know:

🚘 Park on a Flat Surface
🚘 Don’t Put the Parking Brake On
🚘 Charge the Car Battery Up
🚘 Keep Your Car Insurance Active
🚘 Mitigate Wildlife Tampering

Do you have a wrecked, old, totaled, or junk car that you plan to put into storage? Why not sell it for cash on the spot instead? Contact GC’s Junk Cars at 502-804-5605 to sell a junk car in Louisville, Kentucky for an instant cash payout. We provide free junk car removal!

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Louisville Junk Car Buyers 502-804-5605
Louisville Junk Car Buyers 502-804-5605

How to Delete Your Personal Data From a Junk Car Before Selling It

Before you get rid of any type of data-containing electronic, such as a tablet or smart phone, it is advised to swipe all of the personal information on it for the sake of identity protection and more. When it comes to selling a modern car that has been totaled, the same principle of protection applies. Many drivers overlook the fact that their car, although a total loss and being sold to an auto salvage yard, still contains personal data about their residence, address, place of employment, conversations with friends and loved ones, and much more. With all the modern automotive technology in use these days, there are all sorts of applications and portals available via the Internet.

Continue below to learn exactly how to delete personal data from a junk car before you sell it to a local Cash for cars Company.

Louisville Junk Car Buyers 502-804-5605
Louisville Junk Car Buyers 502-804-5605

Deleting Personal Information From Junk Cars

Modern cars are more like laptops, computers, and smart phones. They collect in safe a load of personal information and data in a very short period of time. Whether you are selling, recycling, trading, or returning after borrowing, it is vital that you delete any personal data or digital information collected or entered into the cars electronic system. This includes credit card numbers, bank information, addresses, contacts, downloads, and Siri data. Not only will this protect you from identity theft, but it also protects you from anyone knowing where you live, where you work, the routes in which you frequently travel, who you associate with, and basically where to find you if they wanted to. It is also possible for text messages and emails to be accessed by the new owner or possessor of the car.

Tips on How to Wipe a Car’s Computer System Clean

In many cases, the buyer of a junk car, especially for the dealership, will typically offer to implement a reconditioning process, which basically wipes out all of the personal data and information of the previous car owner. However, it is important that you make the effort yourself in order to have full peace of mind.

Here are some tips on how to delete your personal information from a junk car before selling it or recycling it:

First check your car’s owner’s manual to see if it has an automatic reset process that deletes all of the personal information inside the system.

Cancel any data plans connected with the car, including subscriptions for Wi-Fi, high-speed Internet, music streaming, satellite radio, and communication services.

Delete all saved contacts in the car’s computer system.

Log out of all apps connected or paired with your car so that you are not automatically logged back in, and your passwords and usernames are exposed.

Undo all Bluetooth pairings.

If Applicable To Your Junk Car:

Delete all music and downloads from the built-in hard drive.

Delete all of your saved information in the GPS system.

Return the automatic garage door opener button to a default setting so that no longer works for your garage.

If you are having a lot of trouble clearing all of the data from your car, consider using a data security company for data destruction services. Even if you are just renting a car, is it important to take the steps to make sure your personal information is not exposed to the public.

Are you ready to sell your junk car for the most cash in town? Contact GC’s Junk Cars at 502-804-5605 to sell your junk car in Louisville, Kentucky for cash on the spot! We buy all make and model vehicles no matter the condition or location.

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Louisville Junk Car Buyers 502-804-5605
Louisville Junk Car Buyers 502-804-5605