Do I Have to Repair My Wrecked Car?

After you get into a car accident, you will likely make a claim with your auto insurance carrier. But does this automatically require you to repair your vehicle? Can you choose to not repair your car after an insurance claim accident? If you are asking these questions, continue reading to learn what you need to know about auto accident insurance claims and car repairs.

Totaled Car Buyers Louisville Kentucky 502-804-5605
Totaled Car Buyers Louisville Kentucky 502-804-5605

Auto Loans and Insurance Continuation

When making an auto accident insurance claim, you will be subjected to a few requirements, especially when it comes to repairs. If you are interested in continuing with your comprehensive or collision coverage, the insurance carrier will require you to repair your vehicle. That is because all insurance companies refuse to cover a vehicle that has endured ambiguous structural and mechanical damages.

Insurance companies also mandate repairs after a wreck if you are still paying off an auto loan on the vehicle. In fact, your lender may also require you to have the vehicle repaired, and by one of their own approved auto repair providers.

You Are Required to Repair Your Car If:

☑ You are still paying off an auto loan.
☑ There is a lien on your car.
☑ You want to stay insured.

Opting Out of a Claim

If the vehicular damage is minor enough that is does not interfere with the safety, performance, or efficiency of your car, or you do not care about aesthetics, you can choose to forgo making a claim through your insurance carrier. If you want, you can make the repairs to your vehicle on your terms, when it is economically available to you. But if you decide later on to take your car in for repairs, you will have to pay for the work out of your own pocket.

Doing Your Own Repairs

If you own your vehicle in full, you might be allowed to repair the damages yourself, that is, if you are handy in auto body work and automotive mechanics. Just be sure DIY auto work won’t void any of your current coverage. Check your policy first to see of you are allowed to perform your own repairs. If there is a lien on your car, you will not be allowed to repair it yourself.

Is your vehicle uninsured and simply too damaged to bother with repairs? Great news! Just contact GC’s Junk Cars at 502-804-5605 to sell your junk car in Louisville Kentucky for cash on the spot. We provide free junk removal too!

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Important Safe Driving Tips for Winter

Tomorrow is officially the first day of winter! Most of us cannot believe it’s already here, while the rest wonder what took so long! Whether you love the winter season or not, driving safety is a number one priority this time of year. Kentucky experiences a wide range of unpredictable and predictable winter climates, including rain, sleet, hail, ice, and of course, snow.

If you or your teen plan to be on the road this winter, be sure to review these important seasonal safe driving tips below!

Cash for Junk Cars Louisville Kentucky 502-804-5605
Cash for Junk Cars Louisville Kentucky 502-804-5605

Driving and Road Safety Tips for Winter

Not only does winter weather pose a wide range of road and driving hazards, but it can also damage vehicles. For these reasons, it is important to review the top safety tips for driving in winter. Do this for yourself, then review them with your teen drivers too!

Stay Current on All Car Maintenance

All mechanics will tell you that the number one, most effective method of automotive protection is regular scheduled car maintenance. Like our own bodies, our cars need routine service to ensure all parts and systems are in good condition. You always want to catch a small problem early on, before it can become a devastatingly costly and invasive repair.

Routine car maintenance is an important factor when it comes to road and driving safety. A vehicle that is in good condition is dependable, and therefore, capable of keeping you and your passengers safer on the road. Be sure your car battery is charged up and that all automotive fluids are clean and topped off, too!

Avoid Fatigued Driving

Whether from medication, lack of sleep, stress, or substance, fatigued driving is one of the most dangerous kinds of driving. Never operate your vehicle if you are drowsy, sleepy, or otherwise distracted or un-alert, even if you are just driving down the street or a few minutes away. This driving safety tip is even more critical in the winter season when roads are more inclement and hazardous due to rain increased precipitation and poor visibility during the daytime.

Replace Your Windshield Wipers

If your windshield wipers are more than a season or two old, you might want to consider swapping them out for a new pair before the peak of the winter season is upon us. Not only are windshield wipers notorious for wearing down fast, but windshield wiper innovation has boosted dramatically in the past few years. Better technology means better protection against that precipitation and poor visibility we mentioned before. Don’t forget to replace the back window wipers, too.  

Invest in Good Tires

The better the tires, the more traction and protection you have on the road. If your car tire are old, now is the perfect time to invest in a great set. Like wipers, tire technologies continue to grow, so you cannot go wrong with new tires before the winter season. If you are not in a position to buy new car tire, just be sure that your current ones are properly inflated before hitting the road this winter.

Drive With a Full Tank of Gas

Although it’s not practical to keep your gas tank full at all times, you can do your best to always drive with a sufficient amount of fuel. You can even keep a reserve gas can in the trunk if you ever run out of fuel, unexpectedly.

Regardless of how well you take care of your car, time passes and accidents can happen. If your car didn’t survive the year for some reason or another, consider auto recycling services. Contact GC’s Junk Cars at 502-804-5605 to sell a junk car in Louisville, Kentucky for an instant cash payout. We provide free junk car removal too!

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Top 4 Signs of a Broken Car Radiator

The radiator is one of the most important auto parts in a vehicle because it makes sure the engine doesn’t overheat. Without a properly functioning car radiator, you can expect your engine to overheat quickly, which can result in serious internal engine damages and hefty auto shop repair bills. Not sure if your car radiator is doing okay or not?

Continue reading to learn the top four signs of a broken or failing car radiator, and what to do if the cost to replace your car radiator exceeds the total market value of your vehicle.

Sell Your Totaled Car in Louisville Kentucky 502-804-5605
Sell Your Totaled Car in Louisville Kentucky 502-804-5605

How a Car Radiator Works

A car radiator is one of the primary components of the vehicles cooling system. You’ve heard of coolant before; right? Also known as radiator fluid or anti-freeze, coolant is a vital automotive fluid that is designed to absorb the heat that is generated by the vehicle’s running motor. After coolant absorbs enough engine heat, it travels through the car radiator where it is cooled and then circulated back into the engine to start the process over again.

How to Spot the Signs of a Failing Radiator

There are many signs and symptoms that can suggest a problem with a car’s radiator, but for top the list the majority of the time. These include coolant leaks, engine overheating, radiator sludge, and local levels. If you have noticed any of these 4 signs, you can safely assume the radiator is failing or going bad.


If you notice that your coolant levels are inconsistent, or you are refilling your coolant more often than normal, it could be a sign that your radiator is having problems. Typically, your dashboard will have a low coolant line that will eliminate when equivalent levels are too low. More often, this is a sign of a coolant leak.


If you’ve noticed coolant accumulating on the floor below your vehicle, you can safely assume you’ve got a radiator leak coolant on your hands. This is a common radiator breakdown problem that requires immediate automotive repair attention. Typically, this is a result of a crack in the radiator.


The presence of radiator sludge is another tell-tale sign of a bad radiator. Radiator sludge can be detected when checking your coolant levels. Radiator fluid is typically red or green in color, but if there is an excessive level of radiator sludge present, your coolant will take on a rusty or brown color and appear sicker than normal.


If your car engine is constantly overheating, the radiator might be the first place you want to look. After all, your radiator is a vital component within the automotive cooling system; so, if your engine is getting too hot, it is very likely that your radiator is not doing its job well enough.

Older Broken Radiators and Total Loss Vehicles

If the cost to repair your car’s radiator exceeds the total market value of your car, your car is totaled. In this case, sell your junk car to a local Kentucky cash for cars company for instant cash on the spot! If you simply need to replace your radiator, sell your old one to the same Louisville junk car buyer for an instant cash profit!

Are you looking for a trusted Louisville junk car buyer? Contact GC’s Junk Cars at 502-804-5605 to sell your junk car in Louisville, Kentucky for cash on the spot! We provide free junk car removal!

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Louisville Junk Car Buyers 502-804-5605
Louisville Junk Car Buyers 502-804-5605