3 Reasons Why a Car is Never Wasted

Whether you total a car, or have an old rusty chassis in the backyard shed, you might think your asset it wasted. But the truth is, they are indeed an asset, as they can be dismantled and sold for cash at your local scrap yard! Furthermore, cars are primarily made of metal constituents, and since metal can be recycled over and over, a vehicle is never wasted.

Continue reading to learn all the applications for junk cars in the automotive and metal reprocessing industry.

Louisville Junk Car Buyers 502-804-5605
Louisville Junk Car Buyers 502-804-5605

❶ Junk Car Parts

When a vehicle is junked, it still contains its useful parts; even if the most vital or valuable ones are missing or damaged. Some automotive parts can be restored, and then sold on the market as refurbished auto parts. Other parts are dismantled and separated into categories of metal. Different auto parts have different values, depending on their type of metal, the quantity of metal, and the current market prices for metal.

Although you can choose to dismantle a junk car on your own, either yourself or by hiring a private mechanic, but this can be tedious and expensive. However, selling individual scrap automotive parts is sometimes more profitable than selling a junk car as a whole.

❷ Metal Recycling

Another big industry that seeks out automotive scrap is the metal reprocessing industry. Metal recycling companies will accept junk vehicles regardless of condition. They generally dismantle them for their metal constituents, melt down the metals according to type, and then remold scrap metal into sheets, shapes, and other commodities for metal fabrication and construction applications. Such companies will accept scrap metal donations, including junk cars and motorized vehicles.

❸ Cash for Cars

One of the most promising ways to make sure your junk car doesn’t go to waste is to turn it into a profit! You can choose to sell your junk car as a whole to a local scrap yard or junk car buying company in your town. Many companies offer free pickup and haul away service, and some can even do business without a title. However, it is very easy to get taken advantage of in this industry. So be sure to choose a reputable and licensed Louisville junk car buyer to do business with.

Who Can You Trust for the Best Junk Car Offers in Louisville?

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Louisville Junk Car Buyers 502-804-5605