Tips for Making the Most Money From Selling a Junk Car

Just because you have a junk car that is no good to you anymore, shouldn’t continue letting it go to waste. That’s because a junk car, even a totaled or antique car, is worth money. Actual cash money. That is, if you find the right type of junk car buyer. There are two primary options for selling a junk vehicle. The option you choose will depend on your personal preference and available resources, and render a different profit level.

Continue reading to learn your options for making the most money from your junk commodity.

Louisville Junk Car Buyers 502-804-5605
Louisville Junk Car Buyers 502-804-5605

Sell it Part For Part

If you want to make the highest level of profit possible for your junk car, you can choose to sell it part for part. However, you will need a true car mechanic that has the tools and knowledge to disassemble your vehicle, piece by piece, without jeopardizing their value or performance level. They will need to start by inspecting the vehicle to determine which parts are still functional and which are junked. Then they must take it apart while preserving each piece.

The downside is that you likely have to pay a mechanic to do this, which takes away from your total profit. Furthermore, you would have to take the time to post each part for sale, as well as, manage each individual transaction yourself. This is time-consuming and somewhat inconvenient. For others, this is a fun and exciting project that is totally possible to accomplish. It all depends on your personal preference, resources, and availability.

Sell it as One

The most common way to make a profit from a junk vehicle is to sell it as a whole. Although you make less than selling it part for part, it is the preferred method for a reason. Not only is this much easier and more convenient, it saves a lot of time while still rendering a decent profit. It is important to find the right buyer if you want to make as much as you can from selling your entire junk car.

Find a junk car buyer who has the technologies capable of assessing the true value of your vehicle. Electronic platform scales are something you want to look for in a junk car buyer. These buyers usually pay cash on the spot, and will even pick up your car for free. Just be sure to ask which amenities they offer, how much they are willing to pay you for your vehicle, and how soon they can do business.

How to Sell a Junk Car in Louisville, Kentucky

Call GC’s Junk Cars at 502-804-5605 to sell a junk car in Louisville and its surrounding counties, today! We accept all make and model vehicles, regardless of age or condition! There is never a middleman, which means you walk away with more cash in your pocket. Furthermore, we will dispose of your vehicle according to all Kentucky EPA regulations. You can rest assured that your car will not have a negative impact on our environment. We also offer free towing haul away!

Louisville Junk Car Buyers 502-804-5605
Louisville Junk Car Buyers 502-804-5605

How to Prevent Major Engine Repair or Replacement

A car’s engine is the heart of your vehicle. Just like ours, it requires regular care and maintenance to sustain and protect its well-being. If you are a car or truck owner, be sure to learn about car engine maintenance and care to increase your engine’s lifespan and performance value  Taking care of a car engine has endless benefits, and can reduce the likeliness of breakdowns and needed repairs. If you are unsure about your car engine’s status of health, you may need to step up your auto care game. If you end up at the repair shop with a hefty engine replacement bill, your car might be deemed a total loss by your insurance company if it is old or already in poor condition.

Continue reading to learn what you need to do to protect your car engine from experiencing major damages and malfunctions, as well as, what you can do with your broken car engine to make up for the cost of engine replacement.

Louisville Junk Car Buyers 502-804-5605
Louisville Junk Car Buyers 502-804-5605

Routine Car Engine Maintenance

There are more than 40 parts in a car engine that require maintenance and care in order to survive. This is why it is important to have your vehicle inspected every year by a professional, because they are trained to routinely inspect these areas and spot vulnerabilities. That way, you don’t have to worry about missing something when it comes to caring for your vehicle’s engine. On the other hand, there are other things you can do as a car owner to maintenance and service your engine.

Changing the car engine oil is one of the biggest factors in engine care. The engine’s oil should be checked every few weeks, especially before long road trips. You can do this on your own, or have a professional check it during routine auto inspections. Keeping a proper supply and level of engine oil in your car is crucial to the vehicle’s performance, as well as, your safety  Think of your car engine oil as the vehicle’s vitamins and nutrients; because it needs fresh and clean oil to survive.

Auto Tune Ups

In between the 80,000 and 100,000 mile marker, it is recommended to have your car engine tuned. Auto tune ups involve a series of services that will refresh and restore a vehicle’s engine. These services involve inspecting parts, such as spark plugs, filters, fuel injectors, and more. An auto tune-up is a great way to restore your car engine’s health, and reduce costly car engine repairs and replacements. If your check engine light is on, it is time for an auto tune up. In other cases, certain signs will let you know you need a car tune up. If it seems like the car’s acceleration power is decreasing, or you hear a knocking sound when you drive, it could be time for a tune-up. 

Forced to Replace Your Broken Car Engine?

If your car engine takes a turn for the worst, and you have to replace it with a new one, the cost can be quite alarming. In many cases, the cost of a brand new motor is higher than the actual worth of the vehicle. When this happens, a car is considered a total loss. You can either take your insurance payout, or you can sell it to a local Louisville junk car buyer. In fact, if you simply need engine replacement, you can sell them your old car engine, regardless of its condition, and still make instant cash from it.

How to Sell a Junk Car or Car Part in Louisville, Kentucky

Call GC’s Junk Cars at 502-804-5605 if you have a junk car or broken car engine to sell in Louisville and its surrounding areas. Not only do we accept all vehicles, regardless of age, make, model, and condition, our Louisville Kentucky cash for cars company also payout the highest returns for junk vehicles in Kentucky. Just accept our offer and we will come pick up your junk car! Contact us today to request a free estimate!

Louisville Junk Car Buyers 502-804-5605
Louisville Junk Car Buyers 502-804-5605