Facts About the Precious Metals in Junk Cars

When it comes to automobile manufacturing, anyone can safely assume that steel, rubber, fiberglass, and other common materials will be incorporated into the design. However, many are unaware that cars can also contain metals that are rare and high in economic value. These are called precious metals, and they make even totaled and junked cars worth something in cash.

In fact, continue reading to learn the need-to-know facts about precious metals in junk cars, and where you can get the highest offer for yours in Kentucky.

Louisville Junk Car Buyers 502-804-5605
Louisville Junk Car Buyers 502-804-5605

Automotive Precious Metals

As mentioned, a precious metal is one that is rare, naturally-occurring, and therefore, high in economic value. You are familiar with gold and silver, but there are actually many different precious metals. As for cars, the most commonly used precious metals include platinum, gold, palladium, and sometimes small quantities of silver.  

Platinum and Palladium

In the last 3 decades, any car, truck, or SUV that has been manufactured to run on gasoline will contain platinum. That is because all cars made within the last 30 years have a catalytic converter, which converts toxic fumes and materials produced by burning fuel, into safer emissions. The catalyst of a standard catalytic converter is made from a ceramic material that is lined with platinum. The actual quantity of platinum used in a catalytic converter varies depending on the size, make, and model of the vehicle.

As for palladium, you can sometimes find it in vehicles that have been manufactured very recently. Many automobile manufacturers are replacing the lining of the inner catalytic converter catalyst with a palladium alloy made with rhodium and platinum. So, newer model vehicles might have more palladium than platinum.

Silver and Gold

Any vehicle that contains systems that utilize a computer will likely contain small traces of silver or gold, or both. Automotive computers are manufactured with circuit boards that contain gold or silver plated fingers. Such systems include GPS, DVD players, stereo systems, anti-lock brakes, and more.

Where to Get the Best Deal for a Junk Car in Kentucky

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Louisville Junk Car Buyers 502-804-5605
Louisville Junk Car Buyers 502-804-5605