Are There Precious Metals in Junk Cars?

You can expect to find steel, iron, and even copper in the entirety of a vehicle. But would you expect to find precious metals like gold or silver? Well, you should! All motorized commodities contain some degree of precious metal their design. Continue below to learn which precious metals are more likely to be included in the manufacturing of a vehicle, plus how you can make the most money by selling your junk car in Louisville, Kentucky.

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Junk Car Company Louisville Kentucky 502-804-5605

Junk Car Precious Metals

The most common precious metals in cars are platinum, palladium, gold, and sometimes silver. The quantity and type of precious metal in your junk car will depend on several factors, namely the make and model, but also the current condition.


Silver can be found in car batteries and circuit boards. Silver-oxide batteries are used in military fleet vehicles, so it is unlikely that your junk car has precious metal in its battery. As for electronic circuit boards, newer model vehicles contain traces of silver, which can be recycled and repurposed into new commodities.


As just mentioned, automotive computers operate on electronic circuit boards that contain silver, but these circuit boards also contain gold-plated fingers. Newer model vehicles that have onboard computerized systems like GPS, navigation, stereo, Bluetooth, and even engine modules will contain these gold-plated components. Gold can also be found in car airbags, although only in trace amounts.


Platinum isn’t just for jewelry. It is very likely that your personal vehicle contains platinum. All cars and trucks manufactured within the last three decades have a catalytic converter, which is an automotive part that filters toxic emissions generated by burning fuel. Within a catalytic converter is the catalyst, which is typically lined with platinum.


Palladium is a metal you might’ve seen in a recent superhero movie or read in your favorite comic books. That is because palladium is a rare-occurring, exotic metal that is high in economic value, making it perfect for fantasy story lines. But the truth is, palladium is also used in the manufacturing of common automotive parts like catalytic converters. Palladium alloy made with platinum and rhodium is often used as a catalyst lining, serving as cost-effective alternative to former manufacturing methods for catalytic converters.

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